Things in Windows that grind my gears

What Really Grind My GearsThis is a list of things that I don’t understand why they are this way or are not fixed yet. Mostly in the order of how much they drive me bonkers, two factors are involved. The first being how much of a problem it is for me, and the second is how easy it should be to to fix it, although the items at the end of the list are more wish list items then problems… so without further adieu here we go:

(work in progress article)

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Summer 2015 Predictions/wishes/theories (pre-computex)

before Computex events start in a few hours I wanted to publicly announce my theories and wishes. I have no inside knowledge, and  if any of this does happen I expect it will occur of the launch period of windows 10, and not all during Computex.

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Ideas, TL;DR

TL;DR – How Microsoft can score a win by creating a WART

Because long articles are daunting people tend to TL;DR them and I need to acknowledge that. The point of this blog is not to get people to read long complex articles it’s to get ideas out there, conversations started and spreading the news. So if the articles are too long I’ll need to create shorter versions, obviously I’d prefer you read the longer article but I’m going to try to create a TL;DR for every article larger than approximately four-hundred words. I’m just going to make you wait a few days because I figure if you are going to read the full article you’ll do it within the first few days, after that I’ll capitulate to the rest of you and create a short bulleted TL;DR version but you’ll lose most of if not all the links to the sources, and no commenting on the TL;DR.. just FYI.

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How Microsoft can score a win by creating a WART


Recently Mary Joe Foley and Paul Thurrott have been hearing about the possibility that Microsoft is considering adopting and/or enabling android apps to run within the windows ecosystem. They talk about how the Nokia X line could play into this plan and other logical realities if Microsoft were follow this path. Continue reading