Summer 2015 Predictions/wishes/theories (pre-computex)

before Computex events start in a few hours I wanted to publicly announce my theories and wishes. I have no inside knowledge, and  if any of this does happen I expect it will occur of the launch period of windows 10, and not all during Computex.

Do you have any fun theories or wishes?

(NOTE: I  consider this a draft I want to clean up and add to this yet, but I wanted to get something up before Computex.)

  • Windows Mobile
    • (prediction) Microsoft will get updating right this time around by forging a similar deal with the carriers to that of Apple. It will pull much of if not all of the support for Windows Moblie in house in particular support for the updates. Part of the reason carriers would not update devices before was because they were responsible for the support of devices and would incur the support costs if anything went wrong. whereas apple shares that burden with the carrier and thus can update more freely. If Microsoft also shares this risk I believe the carriers will allow them to push updates as they wish.
    • (wish) Microsoft will announce that Windows Mobile will allow carriers to configure every Windows Device to there mobile networking using the provisioning “package” that they use to configure IOS devices. Simplifying the process for carriers to add new Windows devices to their network and ensuring support on the widest number of networks possible.
  • Intel
    • (theory) intel has the “traditional” computing market on lock and thus has been increasingly shifting it’s focus to it’s mobile aspirations and that will be the most impressive parts of its demonstration at computex
    • (prediction) between Microsoft’s press conference and Intel’s they will show off Windows Hello and it’s ability to use Intel’s depth camera and also renew/reinforce Wintel in the new mobile era.
    • (prediction) intel’s new mobile chips are in line with Qualcom’s 810 chip on a power-usage/performance/thermal level
    • (prediction) intel has been working on integrating a full communications feature set into Adam chips thus neutralizing the largest problem that intel faced in mobile.
    • (wish) this new communications set not only includes the standard BT4+ ,dual band AC but also the wide network band support on  a single version of the chip that only the  iPhone has right now.
    • (wish) intel has also added low power dedicated co-processers to Adam chips that allow for always listening, background network processing, background sensor processing just like Qualcom
  • Microsoft Mobile
    • (wish/theory)it’s new flagship(s) will support  a range of mobile frequencies close to that of the iPhone, combined with the network provisioning being able to support the iPhone’s setup will allow for it to be on as many carriers as are interested with relatively few barriers.
    • (prediction) the flagship phone(s) will be available on many careers (possibly through the idea described above) making it easy for Microsoft to show off the phone in it’s stores as almost everyone will be able to use it.
    • (wish) the flagship(s) will uses intel’s new chips, re-cementing wintel.

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