Things in Windows that grind my gears

What Really Grind My GearsThis is a list of things that I don’t understand why they are this way or are not fixed yet. Mostly in the order of how much they drive me bonkers, two factors are involved. The first being how much of a problem it is for me, and the second is how easy it should be to to fix it, although the items at the end of the list are more wish list items then problems… so without further adieu here we go:

(work in progress article)

  1. Num-Lock:

    In all my years of being a geek, I have never once seen someone purposely use their computer’s number pad with num-lock off. Many would reasonably argue that the most annoying useless key on the keyboard is the insert key. I disagree because it is the num-lock. In the build 14926 for the upcoming creators update for Windows 10 they “fixed this”

    Making pin login easier: Ever tried to enter your pin, only to discover the numbers you’ve been typing are nowhere to be seen because Num Lock was off? We’re happy to announce that that will no longer happen! With this build, regardless of your Num Lock state, numbers will be input if you’re typing into the pin password field. Let us know what you think!

    Sorry, but um what!?  Why don’t you just turn it on by default like 99.9% of users want? I know users that refuse to use their number pad because it never does what it should to them. They hunt and peck the top row of the keyboard every time. Even my father who used to have a number pad memorized when he worked in retail. What about those other four people that like it they way it is? Add a toggle in the settings app, it should be easy enough it’s just a registry edit .. I do it every freaking time I reinstall windows on my old laptop.

  2. Maintenance and Active Hours:

    In windows 7 this awesome idea was created called automatic maintenance and it feels like it hasn’t been touched since. Now that we have this idea of active hours in the anniversary update  why don’t maintenance tasks just respect that? Also give a list of what maintenance does and include more in it. this will make power users feel at ease and not install extra “cleaning software”.

  3. Disk Speed / Usage detection:

    Don’t get me wrong I love Windows 10, but OMG is it a disk hog. Most people I help still have traditional hard drives in their machines. You know you have a problem when the first thing people do to your $3,000 surface studio is add an SSD. You need to mark what processes take too much disk headroom and move them to the Maintenance process badly and this should change depending on your drive performance.

  4. Internet QOS in windows:

    Here in the Midwest we get our Internet mostly via cable modems and on the lower end plans we only get one or two mbps upload speed because our networks are too asymmetric. Then to top it off when we use all our upload speed we are lucky sometimes to get any download speed. So when onedrive is updating or whatever else is gong on the pc can kill an entire network out here. so windows having built in network throttling would help a lot.

  5. Naming the PC:

    WHY?!? WHY?!? was this removed, it is fun i remember people having fun naming their PC. Hell I have a memory of naming our gateway PC Betsy the cow. With people having multiple PC’s Cortana saying would you like to resume your work from “DESKTOP-SGSEGSP”(an actual name of one of my devices in  means nothing to anyone where as would you like to resume your work from Betsy makes sense.

  6. Cortana multiple devices in “ear shot”:

    Apple figured out how to fix this you should too
    I think that this should be solved by using “Cortana’s Mesh” that has an idea of device priority, combined with if any device is “voice personalized” no non voice personalized devices should respond. I live in a small boarding house style living in college and i have 4 cortana devices going off every time i call for her.

  7. Cortana multiple device control:

    Now that we have given our windows 10 machines actual names i should be able to say hey Cortana shut down Val from my phone. From my xbox hey cortana set my phone alarm for 8am tomorrow.

  8. most personal device

  9. virtual Bluetooth sharing:

    when i have a fitbit connected to my windows phone and then move to my pc it shouldn’t need to loose the last pair it should float between devices that i own perfectly.

  10. ask user savviness

  11. personal admin

  12. list the items that are synced between windows devices

  13. export settings

  14. fix OneDrive reset

  15. detect windows responsiveness

  16. default power settings

  17. inform user when they should leave pc on

  18. report hang or request help keyboard shortcut

  19. no shit it is not responding – don’t try to fix it just let me work

  20. notifications after resume

  21. use Cortana to warn and re-educate users

  22. Cortana Mesh



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